December 13th, 2005: Tammy

Honored for:

Uncovering the circumstances of LaShawn's death.  Following the Dragonslayer's October shooting by a Milwaukee police officer, Tammy made phone calls when Pelyo didn't have time until she was able to speak with the man responsible.  She drew a series of pictures from his descriptions even though his memory had already been altered.  She is the only reason there is an accurate record of that tragic misunderstanding.

What's your name?

Tamara Sophia Roe

Any ridiculous nicknames?

Tammy isn't ridiculous.

How'd you end up in Ghost-Tree?

I was born here.

We'll know you when we see you because:

I'm the little kid half fairy with the green eyes.

Any tattoos?

My mom won't let me get any until I'm eighteen.

Are you religious?


What instruments do you play?

Nothing well.

Do you have a favorite song?

Either "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult or "Seagulls" by Great Big Sea.

How about a favorite martial art?

Kung fu

When's your birthday? If it was a holiday, how would it be celebrated?

May 5th, 1992. It would be an art festival.

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