Position: Courier

Requirements: Combatant oath, life commitment.

Preferred: At least 3 years intensive bicycling experience. At least one near-death encounter with a monster. At least one vampire kill. Proficiency with firearms, swords, and bare-handed fighting. Familiarity with both urban and rural terrain types, and temperature and climate extremes in both. Good singing voice, sense of rhythm, and musicality. Excellent logic and reasoning skills. Strong attention to detail.

Note: We DO accept oath-breakers and other criminals. Attach an explanation of the incident(s) to your application.

Description: Couriers in Ghost-Tree Kingdom face a wide variety of natural, human, and supernatural hazards while performing their rounds. Combatant members of the Union who are not acceptable to the Gray King as knights may still serve as back-up on mail runs or may form ad hoc teams to address special monster problems. Our pay rates are among the highest in North America, but all applicants should be aware that we have the highest rate of monster-related fatalities in the Union.


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