Position: Courier trainee

Requirements: Combatant oath, formal recommendation from home station or current Ghost-Tree courier, passing grade on all aptitude tests and exceptional grade on at least two, on-site interview and evaluation.

Preferred: Preference will be given to candidates with outstanding tournament records, early experience in combat situations, or religious casting ability.

Note: Apply for this position if you have never been an active knight in any station or think you have undeveloped potential. If you are already an enhanced knight or do not meet these requirements, you may apply to be a courier directly without going through our training program.

Description: In order to reduce our death rate among first-year knights, we have an extensive, selective training program. Because we invest so much time and effort in each trainee, we can only accept the candidates who we feel have the best chance of succeeding as knights of the Gray King. Absolute dedication to the Union and the business of being a knight is a must. Our chapter members have very little time for personal relationships or hobbies that do not further the ends of the station. We do, however, work hard to place trainees with other stations if it becomes clear that they will not work out in Ghost-Tree.


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