Position: Bicycle technician

Requirements: Experience building, maintaining, repairing and enchanting bicycles for Union use.

Preferred: Combatant oath and some combat riding experience OR fairy blood and experience working for a combat station. Glamor-based casting at advanced levels. Experience with multiple types of enchantments. Religious inscription ability. Musical talent, especially on drums. Commitment to long-term employment in Ghost-Tree.

Note: Mention in your application whether you are willing and able to accept low-risk courier runs should the need arise.

Description: Along with its high death rate among active couriers, Ghost-Tree chapter has a high rate of catastrophic damage to its bicycles. We are always hiring technicians who are able to build effective bicycles and maintain them efficiently. The workload is heavy but scheduling is flexible. Techs who are able to protect themselves through religious casting or other means are expected to occasionally go into the field to repair knights' bikes.


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