August 12th, 2003: Marc

Honored for:

Jumping in front of a dragon.  LaShawn said, "He's got no eye for smart risk-taking, but he's a lucky bastard and I wouldn't have gotten the kill if he hadn't distracted that thing."

What's your name?

Marc Foster

Any ridiculous nicknames?

Just remember to spell Marc with a C. At the end, thank you Pika.

How'd you end up in Ghost-Tree?

Drugged and tied up, and not in the good way.

We'll know you when we see you because:

Ask your mom lol. I'm the black guy with the dreads.

Any tattoos?

Why try to improve on perfection?

Are you religious?

I guess you could say I worship Aphrodite ;-)

What instruments do you play?

Concertina, accordion, I can fake guitar and keyboard.

Do you have a favorite song?

Only the Good Die Young--sooner or later it comes down to fate and you know you want me to be the one.

How about a favorite martial art?

I have favorite moves from a bunch of them.

When's your birthday? If it was a holiday, how would it be celebrated?

June 24th, 1984. Dance party!

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