February 5th, 2008: Hobby

Honored for:

Carrying Julian's body home from Thorn Ring.  On the return leg, a small band of poison frogmen attacked the pair on the shore of Lake Michigan south of Manitowoc.  Hobby used Julian's phone to call for retrieval, but no vehicles were available--so he carried him (and his bike) home by hand.  He arrived in need of treatment for hypothermia and frostbite, but he says the frogmen won't be troubling us any more, either.

What's your name?

Robert Fetter

Any ridiculous nicknames?


How'd you end up in Ghost-Tree?

I never fit in at any of the other stations where I trained. I was always too shy and took everything too seriously.

We'll know you when we see you because:

I wear a cross when I'm not primary. I'm a white guy with brown hair and blue eyes. There's a scar in my right eyebrow shaped like a checkmark and a big messy vampire bite scar on my neck.

Any tattoos?

No, they're frowned on.

Are you religious?

Yes, very. I'm working with the IBC's representatives in the Vatican to get ordained.

What instruments do you play?

I can pick out melodies on recorder, piano, and guitar

Do you have a favorite song?

"How Great Thou Art"

How about a favorite martial art?

LaShawn's BJJ-capoeira mix

When's your birthday? If it was a holiday, how would it be celebrated?

April 1st, 1990. How I celebrate depends on whether it comes before or after Easter--I don't exactly party hard during Lent.

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