April 7th, 2009: the girl

Honored for:

Turning a potentially deadly confrontation into a rehab-and-recruitment opportunity.  George thought the girl was going to rob him, so he threatened her with a stolen gun--which he didn't know was loaded.  He says her calm response impressed him, and then she told him about work he could do even with his record.  He is entering rehab in Stone on Stone and intends to join Sweetwater River early next year.  Most armed encounters unfortunately don't turn out this way, but the girl took exceptional advantage of a rare opportunity.

What's your name?

What name?

Any ridiculous nicknames?

Those either.

How'd you end up in Ghost-Tree?

Transferred from Falling Water in 1999.

We'll know you when we see you because:

I'm a girl who dresses like a Ghost-Tree knight. Long dark hair, brown eyes, a couple of small scars on my jaw and forehead.

Any tattoos?

Yes, all on my left calf. A pick-axe, a baby tiger, up and down arrows next to each other, the roman numerals XIV, an eagle killing a snake, and a pink rose.

Are you religious?

Yes, I'm Pure Land Buddhist. At first I converted to be able to cast, but it's turned out to be more profound than I expected.

What instruments do you play?

Just drums, unfortunately. I was taught xylophone at some point and I suppose I could handle a marimba.

Do you have a favorite song?

"Female Drummer"

How about a favorite martial art?

In theory aikido, but I have a lot more fun doing traditional Chinese spear forms.

When's your birthday? If it was a holiday, how would it be celebrated?

That's tough. I'm a changeling, so I'm not supposed to celebrate my birthday at all. I think it's in February sometime, but for simplicity's sake I count from January 1st, 1983. If someone had to celebrate it, they should dance a lot and apologize to people they've hurt. (It helps even out your karma so you can enter Nirvana.)

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