September 2nd, 2008: Zeb

Honored for:

Earning the station a bonus!  Zeb was assigned primary pickup on a four-year-old changeling whose name was fading.  When he arrived, the child was crying because she didn't want to die.  Zeb took her for a high-speed flight around the 94-43 interchange, and she had so much fun that she paid him triple on delivery to her home court.

What's your name?

I'm a changeling

Any ridiculous nicknames?

Zebediah's pretty ridiculous. I go by Zeb.

How'd you end up in Ghost-Tree?

Swapped in here.

We'll know you when we see you because:

I'm the white guy who shaves his head. Sometimes I have fire wings.

Any tattoos?

Yeah, I have the IBC star on my left bicep and the Ghost-Tree on my right. My knuckles say "GRAY KING" and I have geometric designs on my right arm and left leg that Pelyo uses for anchoring spells.

Are you religious?

That would require me to care about something.

What instruments do you play?

I can fart the national anthem.

Do you have a favorite song?

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow." What do you think?

How about a favorite martial art?

Muay Thai, but it's usually faster to just shoot the fucker.

When's your birthday? If it was a holiday, how would it be celebrated?

Fuck you. What kind of gay survey is this? Favorite song my ass. 1988 sometime.

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