Ghost-Tree Station is a chapter of the International Brotherhood of Couriers with approximately 100 voting members, mostly combatant-sworn. Our membership rotates often but the following elected and appointed positions are relatively stable and compose an informal governing body:

Pelyo Gotzon - Chair

Dr. Gotzon joined the chapter as a medic in 1947 after receiving his M.D. from Jefferson Medical College and completing his surgical residency at the Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. He holds Ph.D.s in Biochemistry (1989) and Medical Genetics (2002) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was first elected chair in 1963. Although his specialty is medical casting as a surgical aid, he has also authored papers on other medical topics and on defensive warding techniques. He is available for emergency bureaucratic charm casting. Although his fairy sight allows him to detect deliberate falsehood, it does not work over any form of written or electronic communication, and he is not available as a mediator or adjudicator outside Ghost-Tree Kingdom.

Benjamin Rislove - Dispatcher, assistant chair

Ben Rislove trained as a combatant courier at Empire Station in Newfoundland, but found his career possibilities limited by tone-deafness. He met Dr. Gotzon at a fair in Golden Dream and joined GTS as an assistant dispatcher in 1996. He was elected interim chair in 1998 when Dr. Gotzon took a sabbatical to return to school, and has served as dispatcher, scheduling manager, and assistant chair since 2001.

Karen Roe - Bursar

Ms. Roe was three days from finishing a two-year accounting degree when she was abruptly introduced to the Count of Icy Pond. She manages the magical budget of GTS and assists Ms. Petrus with the dollar budget, while making time to raise her daughter.

John Goldman - Research supervisor

Mr. Goldman spent his childhood in Conshohocken, PA, where he completed middle school. A recruiter from Ivy Station discovered his talent for creative science. He trained extensively in enhanced technology. He won the North American Quick-Building Challenge in 1990 and the Johnson-Epstein Prize for bicycle enhancement in 1991. He joined GTS in 1993 and was promoted to head of research in 1996 following his liege oath.

Gloria Petrus - Facilities manager

Ms. Petrus attended high school in Wauwautosa until the age of 17. She joined GTS as a cook, but served in most auxiliary capacities at least briefly during the long illness that preceded Ida Walsh's death in 1985. She administered the research department from 1987 until her formal election as facilities manager in 1989.

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The Gray King does not take champions and Ghost-Tree Station does not have a champion. All active-service combatant members are able to defend their station's honor.



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