Position: Blacksmith

Requirements: Skill in traditional European or Asian metalworking.

Preferred: Experience forging and enchanting weapons for Union use. Familiarity with both modern and traditional weapons manufacture and metallurgy. Magical aptitude for any of the above, or relevant heirloom tools or enhancements. Design and innovation experience. Reputation in the Union.

Note: Mark applications Attn: John Goldman

Description: We are looking to improve our on-site weapons manufacturing. This is a challenging position with many opportunities for self-directed research and development, but priority will be given to candidates with experience producing in volume and within budget limits. Those budget limits will almost certainly be higher in Ghost-Tree, however.


Position: Demonology assistant

Requirements: Human, no previous binding oaths, no previous sexual experience.

Preferred: Knowledge of astrology or other means of divination. Religious upbringing. Moral lifestyle and clean habits. Drug-free. Artistic talent of any sort.

Note: Apply directly to Vinnie Orlandi.

Description: Not as sketchy as it looks, this position might be better titled "bait." There will be precautions taken to prevent you from losing your soul or virginity. A good entry-level casting position. Training provided.



Position: Bicycle technician

Requirements: Experience building, maintaining, repairing and enchanting bicycles for Union use.

Preferred: Combatant oath and some combat riding experience OR fairy blood and experience working for a combat station. Glamor-based casting at advanced levels. Experience with multiple types of enchantments. Religious inscription ability. Musical talent, especially on drums. Commitment to long-term employment in Ghost-Tree.

Note: Mention in your application whether you are willing and able to accept low-risk courier runs should the need arise.

Description: Along with its high death rate among active couriers, Ghost-Tree chapter has a high rate of catastrophic damage to its bicycles. We are always hiring technicians who are able to build effective bicycles and maintain them efficiently. The workload is heavy but scheduling is flexible. Techs who are able to protect themselves through religious casting or other means are expected to occasionally go into the field to repair knights' bikes.



Position: Courier trainee

Requirements: Combatant oath, formal recommendation from home station or current Ghost-Tree courier, passing grade on all aptitude tests and exceptional grade on at least two, on-site interview and evaluation.

Preferred: Preference will be given to candidates with outstanding tournament records, early experience in combat situations, or religious casting ability.

Note: Apply for this position if you have never been an active knight in any station or think you have undeveloped potential. If you are already an enhanced knight or do not meet these requirements, you may apply to be a courier directly without going through our training program.

Description: In order to reduce our death rate among first-year knights, we have an extensive, selective training program. Because we invest so much time and effort in each trainee, we can only accept the candidates who we feel have the best chance of succeeding as knights of the Gray King. Absolute dedication to the Union and the business of being a knight is a must. Our chapter members have very little time for personal relationships or hobbies that do not further the ends of the station. We do, however, work hard to place trainees with other stations if it becomes clear that they will not work out in Ghost-Tree.



Position: Courier

Requirements: Combatant oath, life commitment.

Preferred: At least 3 years intensive bicycling experience. At least one near-death encounter with a monster. At least one vampire kill. Proficiency with firearms, swords, and bare-handed fighting. Familiarity with both urban and rural terrain types, and temperature and climate extremes in both. Good singing voice, sense of rhythm, and musicality. Excellent logic and reasoning skills. Strong attention to detail.

Note: We DO accept oath-breakers and other criminals. Attach an explanation of the incident(s) to your application.

Description: Couriers in Ghost-Tree Kingdom face a wide variety of natural, human, and supernatural hazards while performing their rounds. Combatant members of the Union who are not acceptable to the Gray King as knights may still serve as back-up on mail runs or may form ad hoc teams to address special monster problems. Our pay rates are among the highest in North America, but all applicants should be aware that we have the highest rate of monster-related fatalities in the Union.



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